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Some quotes by Frida

“Who needs feet when I’ve got wings to fly”.

“The devil is blond and in his blue eyes, love was ignited by two little stars. In his tie and red breeches, I find the devil quite charming.”

“Perhaps they expect me to wail and moan about ‘how much I suffer,’ living with a man like Diego. But I don’t think that the banks of a river suffer by letting it flow…”

“[…] Diego is neither defeatist nor downcast. He is, first and foremost, a researcher, a builder and above all, an architect… No matter whether his composition is a painting, a house, or an argument.”

“Every tick-tock is a second of life that passes by, that flees never to repeat itself. And it holds such intensity, such interest that the only problem is knowing how to live. May each person solve it as best they can.”

“Who would have guessed that stains are alive and help us live? Ink, blood, scent… Whatever would I do without the absurd, the evanescent?”

“To wait with hidden anguish, my spine broken and my gaze, broad. Unable to walk on the great pathway, Moving through life fenced in by steel.”

“Never in all my life will I forget your presence. You found me torn to pieces, and you sent me back whole, complete.”

Museum garden’s cards